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หลักทรัพย์กสิกรไทย คำตอบทางการเงินที่ครบวงจร พร้อมความเป็นเลิศของบริการ บริษัท หลักทรัพย์กสิกรไทยเป็นบริษัทในเครือธนาคารกสิกรไทย ซึ่งเป็นกลุ่มบริษัทที่ให้บริการด้านการเงินชั้นนำของไทย มีโครงสร้างอันแข็งแกร่งจากประสบการณ์ ผลงาน และความเชี่ยวชาญอันยาวนานในธุรกิจการเงินการธนาคาร

บริษัท หลักทรัพย์กสิกรไทยเป็นบริษัทที่ได้รับอนุญาตที่มีความเชี่ยวชาญในการให้บริการด้านการลงทุนแบบครบวงจร ไม่ว่าจะเป็นการให้คำปรึกษาด้านวาณิชธนกิจ การรับประกันและจัดจำหน่ายหลักทรัพย์ ตลอดจนการเป็นนายหน้าซื้อขายหลักทรัพย์ โดยบริษัท ฯ เป็นสมาชิกของศูนย์รับฝากหลักทรัพย์แห่งประเทศไทย และจดทะเบียนเป็นโบรกเกอร์หมายเลข 11 ในตลาดหลักทรัพย์แห่งประเทศไทย


Back Office Support (Securities)
At least 2 years of experience in IT-Back Office, Informix, MS Sqlserver, AIX, Linux, 4GL
01 Apr 2024


• Administrate and monitor core backoffice system

• Query database and create report by user request

• Support users to solve trading technical related issue

• Identify software bugs or issues and find solution to resolve problem


• Bachelor's Degree or higher in IT or related fields

• At least 2 years of experience in IT-Back Office

• Experience in Securities Trading System (Freewill - SBA)

• Working experience in Database (Informix, MS Sqlserver) and UNIX (AIX, Linux), 4GL, Shell Script

• Service minded, feel comfortable to interact with users

• Handling multiple tasks and proactive work behavior

• Good communication skills

• Ability to work under pressure

• Ability to analyze and find root cause of problem

Software Developer
Java, IT, UAT, PVT, Computer Engineering
01 Apr 2024


  • The main responsibility is to build software application regarding to the software business requirements and cyber security requirements
  • Ensure to develop software based on standard Software Development Methodology
  • Work closely with software delivery team to gather software requirement, analysis, design in order to transform to software functional specification
  • Develop technical document for software development projects
  • Perform local unit test as well as support SIT/UAT to ensure software functionality is working as expectation
  • Be able to work in a collaborative environment with service mind and positive attitude.
  • Be able to work under pressure to prioritize and manage multi-tasks on time efficiently.
  • Be able to work in multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Actively deliver software with up-to-date version to keep system safe and secure
  • Ensure to produce the stability application software to production environment
  • Able to be on-call at night to support and fix the end of day batch processing
  • Troubleshooting, debugging, maintaining and improving existing software related in financial product and trading domain
  • Monitor and take action on application processing task as per a pre-schedule defined
  • Willing to work in on-call support model


  • Bachelor's or higher degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Sciences, Information system, or related
  • 5-10 years of working experience in computer programmer, software developer, software engineer, or a related field
  • Strong knowledge in following software development technology: Golang, Java, MSSQL, Struts, Spring , API, container-native technology, and related fields
  • Background in DevOps and Container platform are at an advantage
  • Knowledge in financial products such as Equity, Mutual Fund, TFEX, SBL, and Derivative is preferred.
Operation (Product Settlement)
Project Manager , Business Analyst
01 Apr 2024


  • ชำระราคาค่าซื้อค่าขายหลักทรัพย์ลูกค้าสถาบัน, Bond, SN, Offshore ให้เป็นไปตามกฎระเบียบของบริษัทและทางการที่เกี่ยวข้อง
  • ทำรายการ ATS เพื่อชำระราคา
  • ติดตามรับชำระรายการที่ผิดนัดชำระค่าซื้อ
  • ตรวจและจัดส่งเอกสารต่างๆ เช่น ใบยืนยันการซื้อขายหลักทรัพย์, เอกสาร ATS ตามเวลาที่กำหนด
  • ส่งข้อมูลหรือรายงานให้หน่วยงานที่เกี่ยวข้อง
  • เปิดบัญชี   Offshore
  • จัดเก็บเอกสาร File งานประจำวัน


  • จบปริญญาตรี / โท สาขา สถิติ, การเงิน, การบัญชี, เศรษฐาสตร์ หรือสาขาอื่นๆ ที่เกี่ยวข้อง
  • มีประสบการณ์ในการทำงาน 0-2 ปี
  • มีทักษะในการใช้โปรแกรม Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point
  • สามารถสื่อสารเป็นภาษาอังกฤษได้ จะได้รับการพิจารณาเป็นพิเศษ
  • มีมนุษยสัมพันธ์, ชอบงานบริการ
Editor (Research Department)
Equity Research Editor, Translator
01 Apr 2024

Job description:

  • To review and edit equity research reports and ensure stringent standards are met in terms of language and compliance to the relevant regulations.
  • Proofread analyst reports for spelling, grammar, logic and layout.
  • Verify accuracy, cross checking for numbers for consistency, company names mentioned inside reports.

The role Editor will be either on-site or work-from-home and closely work with analysts and strategists. The applicant who can translate English to Thai will be an advantage.


  • Currently working as the editor in a broker with not less than 3 years experiences (preferred)
  • Not older than 55 years old
  • Not less than 3-year experience in the edition works for business articles.
  • Can do both English edition and English to Thai translation.
  • Can assist the publication work occasionally.
  • Can work in flexible shifts.
  • Discipline and responsive
  • Fast working and reliable
  • Teamworking mindset
System Analyst
IT, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, MBA, Economics,
01 Apr 2024


-  To analysis requirement, identify system impact, design solutions, and transform to technical task specification that support efficient and effective business operation work. 

- Closely working with business users to understand business needs, provide consultant and support.

- To lead architecture system design for business enhancement and fixing any production issues with ensure the system performance and stability.   

- To lead system analyst/full stack developer include design, coding, testing and prepare deployment.

-  To help the team with problem solving on any technical issues.

- To design, coding and testing the application programs.

- To support production, investigate and fix any issues.


  • Bachelor's Degree / Master's Degree (IT, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, MBA, Economics, or related fields.)
  • 5-7 years’ experience in system analyst, and/or development.
  • Experience in java and angular development.
  • Experience in trading business especially in structure note, single block trade is a plus.
  • Teamwork, problem solving and good communication skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and tight timelines.

Investment Product Specialist
Investment Products, Finance, Economics, IC License (Complex)
01 Apr 2024

Job Description

 To maximize sales volumethrough delivering best investment solution to clients

  • Build a strong relationship with internal and external clients and provide them investment advisory with well understanding of client’s interest and in-depth knowledge in investment product e.g., mutual fund, primary bond, secondary bond, and structured product.
  • Understanding of investment product features, investment concept and facilitating end to end transaction process.
  • Regularly providing sales training and support to internal and external clients 
  • Tag along with sales staff to visit clients and elaborate product features and investment concept.
  • Initiate investment content such as investment idea, investment product knowledge and investment theme to help client better understanding.
  • All other related scope as assigned.


  • Degree in Business or Finance or Econ (or related field)
  • New graduate or experience 1-5 years
  • Strong interest in investment product and financial/capital market
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, negotiation and selling skills.
  •  Must be a person who has can-do attitude, self-motivate and quick learner.
  •  Must be multi-task person who is able to work under pressure and solving problem with constructive method.
  • Possessing IC License (Complex) is preferred.
Business Analyst
Business Analyst, IT, Securities
01 Apr 2024

The Business Analyst would work closely with our users to understand their business model, requirements and translate/document to user requirement document with proposed optimal solution that balancing between business and technical, yet achieve ultimate result. 

Role and Responsibility :

- Elicit and analyze user requirements.

- Prioritize the requirements to assure that the most critical issues are addressed.

- Provide the feasibility solution and possible outcomes by cooperating with IT Solution Architect team.

- Identify project scope and estimate timeline.

- Ability to manage multiple and complex projects .

- Monitor the continued need for and success of the solution and adapt as necessary.

Requirement :

• Master Degree in Business Administration, Information Technology or related field.

• Minimum 3 years experience in financial services industry or information technology .

• Ability to quickly analyze the business processes.

• Experience in Equities product is an advantage.

• Experience with and understanding of process design is an advantage.

• Good interpersonal and strong communication skills.