Mutual Fund

Invest in all kinds of businesses

Mutual Fund

Invest in all kinds of businesses

Mutual Fund

Why invest in Mutual Funds with KS?

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Various choices of asset managers in one place
(One Stop Service) without any additional fee

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by yourself via Streaming Fund+ application or Investment Consultant

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Find Mutual Funds information from all asset managers in one place
check fund unit price, NAV, Risk Level or other information

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Portfolio Monitoring
quick and convenient way to monitor gain/loss, transaction reports via application

Invest in Mutual Funds with KS

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Download Application Streaming Fund+
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login to the system
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Select Mutual Fund Account*

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Select Mutual Fund of your choice**

* Account no. starting with 2 (2-x-x-xxxxxx-x) is for transacting mutual funds with tax benefit, Account no. starting with 3 (3-x-x-xxxxxx-x) is for transacting other types of mutual funds
** Subscription order via all channels each day no later than 14.00, Redemption order via all channels each day no later than 14.30

Payment Channels

You can pay for the mutual funds through

  1. Pay with Equity Account
  2. Automatic Transfer System (ATS)

1.Pay with Equity Account

Purchase fees can be pay by letting companies hire purchase from a securities trading account (shares) to pay for the purchase.

2.Automatic Transfer System (ATS)

Kasikorn Securities provides ATS payment channels for 8 banks; KBANK / BBL / SCB / KTB / TMB / BAY / CIMB / TBANK. The payment can be made 1-3 weeks after the fund account has been set up (depending on the investor’s bank).

5 Steps to Invest

An integrated 5 steps investment advisory with services “Investment Planning”

Step 1 Demand Analysis

Demand Analysis is consider to be one of the most important step for service provider to understand their investors. Along the process, investors must critically conduct have to go through suitability test form that the service provider offer. In order to match the investors demand with suitable investment strategy as well as their risks appetite and investment goals and interests.

Step 2 Asset Allocation

Investors could do asset allocation to accordingly match with their demand, risks, goals and interests. In this case of mutual funds, Kasikorn Asset will limit investment proportions in their mutual funds either they are mutual funds that invested in bonds, Thai equity or foreign equity. Moreover, investors will be given with portfolio models from Application K-My Funds according to their demand analysis. Which will be distribute into 4 groups of investing i.e. K-FITS, K-FITM, K-FITL and K-FITXL.

Step 3 Invest with target

After investors have selected the suitable portfolio for their asset allocation in step 2 the Application K-My Funds will show wide range of funds that are likely to match with the investors’ demand as well as their risks, goals and interests. This will be easier for investors to invest towards their portfolio’s target.

Step 4 Follow up and Strategy revision

Fund Managers from Kasikorn Asset will be responsible for performance of the funds. In this case, they will have to rebalance and adapt their investment strategy in order to keep up with their performance.

Step 5 Investment Report

Investors will be able to monitor their portfolio all the time by using Application K-My Funds and KS will send report on their monthly summary regarding the position of the funds.


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